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Download Desktop Ticker 2021 full is one of the current search trends. Desktop Ticker always in the top 10 applications you should have in the year 2021. However, when you search Google Desktop Ticker in less than 1 second, you have hundreds of thousands of results. So where is the safe download Desktop Ticker?

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Desktop Ticker is a free scrolling RSS feed display that you can place anywhere on the desktop for an unobtrusive yet instantly accessible and highly customizable news crawl. It's easy to use yet offers lots of options. It can follow news, stocks, and pretty much any other feed you can subscribe to.

Desktop Ticker's small dock-style interface resembles a ticker tape, only with small directional arrows at either end for quickly scrolling forward and back and, on the right, an icon to minimize the display and close the program. A left-side menu has three entries: File, for managing and reloading feeds as well as deselecting the default option to have Desktop Ticker store our settings as a User Profile, should we wish to do so; Tools, for setting the dock's position, speed, and opacity as well as accessing the Options; and Help, which accesses a Web-based User's Guide. The Options dialog let us configure updates, color and sound schemes, and other items such as always-on-top. Desktop Ticker handles most feeds, including a variety of popular feeds supplied as samples, such as BBC News. Under the compact Feed Manager, we could select our feeds, move them up or down in the list order, delete them, and add new ones by pasting in URLs. We could also edit stock symbols for stock feeds. The display's default desktop position is Float, which let us place it anywhere, but we could also fix it to the top or bottom of the desktop. The Opacity control offered a series of levels, while the Speed control worked via simple Faster and Slower commands. The program remembered our changes automatically under our User Profile.

While Desktop Ticker isn't the only scrolling RSS freeware, it's one of the best we've seen. We like its options, especially the ability to change the color schemes to keep things from getting dull. After all, you're going to be looking at it all day, more or less!

From Mike Batt: 

Desktop Ticker is a free RSS and Atom web feed aggregator application that allows you to keep an eye on the latest news from your favourite websites whilst you work on your computer. Once feeds have been added, the article titles scroll horizontally across the screen. Article summaries are displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over an article title, and the full article can be opened in a web browser by clicking on the article title. The RSS feeds are automatically downloaded after the specified interval to show updated content. Options include specifying whether all articles are displayed from the RSS feed or just articles created within a set time period, colour coding articles based on their age, and adjusting the scroll speed. Desktop Ticker is compatible with RSS feeds provided by news sites such as BBC News and CNN, and many other sites including Gmail, Facebook and Flickr. In addition to RSS feeds, Desktop Ticker can also display text files and images.

Download Desktop Ticker 2021 full is a good tool and is used by many people. And I have collected some pictures of the software below, hoping to help you get a better overview of the interface, in general it is also very easy to use and friendly.
  • Download Desktop Ticker 2021 full -
  • Download Desktop Ticker 2021 full -
Below are some recommended configuration images when you install Desktop Ticker. You can go back to the software vendor's homepage to see more details, if my configuration has an incorrect update, please contact me to update it.

What's new in version

  • Font can now be changed
  • Added support for Windows 10 virtual desktops
  • Added support for TLS 1.2 servers
  • Added support for HTTP compression
  • Added option to show icon in the notification area
  • Taskbar icon can now be completely disabled
  • Corrected link URL for Atom feeds
  • Atom feeds can now be set to use either updated time or published time (useful for YouTube feeds)
  • Ticker can be stopped from scrolling (speed 0)
  • Startup feed error window can be disabled, and is by default
  • The feed list can now be sorted
  • Feed tooltips can now be disabled
  • Added delay to feed loading when PC is resuming from sleep to allow network to connect
  • Clicking on a feed item with the middle button will now hide it
  • Changed menu button icon
  • Maximum font size increased to 96
  • Yahoo stocks feed removed


Publisher Mike Batt
Publisher web site
Release Date May 30, 2019
Date Added May 30, 2019


Category Browsers
Subcategory Newsreaders & RSS Readers

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Additional Requirements .NET Framework 2.0

Download Information

File Size 419.16KB
File Name DesktopTickerSetup.exe


Total Downloads 150,093
Downloads Last Week 55


License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free
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