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Download Ditto (64-bit) 2021 full is one of the current search trends. Ditto (64-bit) always in the top 10 applications you should have in the year 2021. However, when you search Google Ditto (64-bit) in less than 1 second, you have hundreds of thousands of results. So where is the safe download Ditto (64-bit)?

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Ditto (64-bit) is a clipboard extension that automatically stores everything you copy so that you can access all of your clips later on. You can sort your clips into groups, search through the app for specific segments or keywords, and make use of multiple hot keys to make copying and pasting easier than ever.

This app runs minimized in the taskbar on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, and as soon as you have it installed, you're ready to go. Just copy highlighted items as you normally would by pressing CTRL+C, and the item you copied automatically shows up in a numbered list that you can access by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar. You can use the arrow keys to scroll down the list, or you can click on an item to select it. Then just paste it as you normally would into any window that supports that function. To view your options for each entry on the list, right-click on it and select what you want from the menu that appears. For instance, you would use this feature to move a clip into a particular group or to create a new category group of clips.

You can choose to have the Help screen open with the app when you install it to help you get a feel for all of Ditto's features, or you can play around a bit to discover them on your own. The interface of this app is highly streamlined and intuitive, and it works just as intended. The app is useful and free, and it also supports sharing of clips over a network so that you can access them from multiple computers.

From Ditto: 

Ditto is an open source extension to the standard Windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, HTML, custom formats. Features include easy to use interface, search previous copy entries, saves any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, keep multiple computer's clipboards in sync, data is encrypted when sent over the network, send individual clips to other computers, accessed from tray icon or global hot key, assign hot keys to specific copy entries, checks for updates automatically, select entry by double click, enter key or drag drop, very handy tool, paste into any window that excepts standard copy or paste entries, and display thumbnail of copied images in list.

Download Ditto (64-bit) 2021 full is a good tool and is used by many people. And I have collected some pictures of the software below, hoping to help you get a better overview of the interface, in general it is also very easy to use and friendly.
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Below are some recommended configuration images when you install Ditto (64-bit). You can go back to the software vendor's homepage to see more details, if my configuration has an incorrect update, please contact me to update it.

What's new in version

  • Chai script paste support
  • Fixed issue with pasting into admin app from a low privilege user
  • Fixed crash when dragging and dropping
  • Handle exception when placing items on the clipboard, should fix a reported crash
  • Handle hyper-links in description window
  • Handle mouse wheel messages for the window the mouse is over not the the focused window
  • Set focus to richtext on mouse active so the first click works to select text and click on hyper-links
  • Don't hide description window when deleting clips
  • Track active window when opened from command line option
  • Handle page up/down with description window open
  • Use version 6 common controls, config windows looks better
  • Removed ability to convert old access db to sqlite, if needed they can first run an older version then this version.


Publisher Ditto
Publisher web site
Release Date December 22, 2017
Date Added January 03, 2018


Category Desktop Enhancements
Subcategory Clipboard Software

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Additional Requirements None

Download Information

File Size 15.68MB
File Name


Total Downloads 22,600
Downloads Last Week 25


License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free
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