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From Noticonsolas: 

Ki "Energy" system Now with growing Ki bar! Ki Charge! With own Effects and Colors for different states like super Ki Jump! More then 4 block high for now Ascend to Super! Use Ki to make Ki Fire (it emits light) As Super you can Jump higher, and Fire Stronger Kamehame Wave Now you can fly! 2 times faster if Super. (This is not Creative Fly!) Floating in air! Dash! 2 times faster if Super. 4 new chargeing aura effects. KaioKen! below lvl 10 or with scouter. Above lvl 10 with saiyan hair you may go super but no kaioken. Cool new Ki attack trials! And more! Your punches now get stronger as you level! New Explosions (fixes lag) now it wont drop blocks, And New Animation for the Explosion! Is implemented! (You dont need my SA Addon) Scouters have now own interface and Sounds 4 Scouter Functions switchable by Scouter Key It can detect other players Sagas System Testing Feature. Saiyan Saga & Freeza Saga Featuring mobs: Saibamans, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon, The Ginyu Force and Freeza with 5 states Wish System Put 7 Dragon Blocks in H form on ground and right click the middle one. Shenron will spawn to grant you wish Now 5 wishes are available and the Namek DBs triple the effect. New Models for mobs and effects too! Custom chargeing Aura Custom Dragon Blocks Shenron And for Many Enemy mobs. Space Pod Transport System Go to other Planets and leave a nice crater there! ^^ New Biome and Dimension: Planet Namek: Namekians! And for now one type Namek building It has a Namek Biome, and spawns mooshrooms and zombies. With Ajisa trees. They can be planted on Namek Grass only and will grow! Green horizont and green water! Namekian Ajisa tree can be used to craft planks Planet Vegeta 2 Type of saiyans will spawn Red horizont and red water! New Swords: Katana Brave Sword Z Sword New Ranged Weapon: KameHame Wave Kame Hame Wave Times 10 Ki Blast Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon) Final Flash Big Bang Dodon Ray Energy Disk Finger Leser Masenko

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Publisher Noticonsolas
Publisher web site
Release Date March 01, 2015
Date Added May 06, 2015
Version 1.6.4


Category Games
Subcategory Games Utilities & Editors

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Additional Requirements None

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File Size 3.27MB
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Total Downloads 13,045
Downloads Last Week 131


License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free
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