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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP - Version 1.2.2

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Download Font Xplorer 2021 full is one of the current search trends. Font Xplorer always in the top 10 applications you should have in the year 2021. However, when you search Google Font Xplorer in less than 1 second, you have hundreds of thousands of results. So where is the safe download Font Xplorer?

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Moon Software's Font Xplorer is a freeware font manager that makes it easy to view, print, sample, and handle the many fonts installed on your PC -- and take it from us, there are more fonts in your system than you might realize. Font Xplorer's text compare mode makes it easy to pick just the right font, and it can also search your system to find duplicate fonts that you can remove to reclaim disk space and keep your Windows waistline trim. This tool can load, unload, install, and uninstall fonts by folder, search for uninstalled fonts, show summaries of selected fonts, and create and print font sample sheets. Font Xplorer can also rename fonts so that you can use their full name.

Font Xplorer's user interface is box-standard Windows in style, with a menu bar and toolbar, but the main window is tall and narrow, which saves space. We could customize many aspects of Font Xplorer's interface and controls from the View menu as well as icons on the toolbar. The main window displayed samples of all our fonts in each font's name as soon as we opened the program. We could scroll and click any font to call up its character map, and drag the maps to resize them -- very handy since some fonts and characters are hard to see when rendered in such a tiny view. We could select and copy any symbol as text, rich text, or a vector image file and paste it into documents. A drop-down menu let us view fonts in different scripts, such as Western, Cyrillic, and Greek.

The duplicate font finder found none in our system, nor any uninstalled fonts. Font Xplorer includes a Repair Wizard that can remove invalid font references from the Windows registry, and optionally remove valid references to fonts only installed on a removable drive. It worked quickly and caused no issues in our system. Font Xplorer can also restore the default "magic" folder setting from new Windows installations, which displays all fonts. The Help file may not open in 64-bit Windows, but that's not this fine tool's fault.

From Moon Software: 

Font Xplorer allows you to find, manage, and print your fonts. It has the ability to browse both installed and noninstalled fonts from disk. It can also print predesigned, professional sample sheets and font listings, save bitmap images of fonts, and search for duplicate fonts. It allows you to find the perfect font in seconds in text compare mode, and rename font files to use the font's full name. It also includes a resizable character map that shows all font scripts and allows you to zoom any character, copy symbols to the clipboard as vecrot images or rich text. Version 1.2.2 is a freeware now.

Download Font Xplorer 2021 full is a good tool and is used by many people. And I have collected some pictures of the software below, hoping to help you get a better overview of the interface, in general it is also very easy to use and friendly.
Below are some recommended configuration images when you install Font Xplorer. You can go back to the software vendor's homepage to see more details, if my configuration has an incorrect update, please contact me to update it.


Publisher Moon Software
Publisher web site
Release Date March 05, 2002
Date Added November 10, 2002
Version 1.2.2


Category Graphic Design Software
Subcategory Font Tools

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Additional Requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Download Information

File Size 850.06KB
File Name Font_Xplorer_122_Free.exe


Total Downloads 138,989
Downloads Last Week 7


License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free
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