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A modern take on the classic coin-op Galaga, Glory Zone updates the original with improved sound and graphics and a few twists. The basic gameplay is the same: you move your spaceship left and right at the bottom of the screen, dodging and blasting aliens that mass at the top and wheel down to attack. Even Galaga's shooting-gallery intermissions have survived. However, Glory Zone adds some welcome innovations, such as shielded opponents and a variety of power-ups. Colorful OpenGL graphics and effective DirectX sound add pizzazz, as does the subtle 3D perspective. The most unusual feature is an embedded MP3 player that lets you provide your own background music. The keyboard controls are adequate, though we wish you could control your ship with the mouse. However, even with the keyboard, veteran gamers won't have much trouble with the eight-round demo. This is for arcade nostalgists only.This 3D arcade-style space shooter has an integrated MP3 player, 40 levels, 11 enemy ships with unique attack patterns, several power-ups, nice explosions with long smoke trails, and beautiful moving nebulae and rotating galaxies in the background. You can put up to 50 of your favorite MP3 songs into the player's playlist and listen to them in random or sequential order while playing the game.

Download Glory Zone 2021 full is a good tool and is used by many people. And I have collected some pictures of the software below, hoping to help you get a better overview of the interface, in general it is also very easy to use and friendly.
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Full Specifications

What's new in version 1.2


Release November 8, 2008
Date Added April 25, 2001
Version 1.2

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
Additional Requirements None


Total Downloads 19,891
Downloads Last Week 1

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