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From Sabi: 

We are so excited for your child to start enjoying ItzaBitza that we are giving you the first playset (of five available) free with no time expiration. What makes ItzaBitza so different from any other children's game is that it introduces the concept of "Living Ink," which means kids draw a requested object and when they do, that drawing comes alive t and it is incorporated into a story. Because it is so cool to watch their drawing come to life, kids are motivated to read the next part of the story. Children who can use the mouse are AMAZED when what they draw comes to life in the game. Your child begins by choosing a "Sketchy"-either male or female-and then is asked to draw various objects - such as a house, sun, tree, cloud, etc. - for the Sketchy using the mouse. The game helps not only with mouse-handling skills but it also allows children to refine their technique. Regardless of how the objects look, the Sketchy will adapt them to his or her own use, either growing or shrinking in order to fit properly into the house your child has drawn, for example. The reading in the game is also well thought out. Because kids are reading for a purpose (to find out what they can draw next) and they then cross-reference the words with visual objects they have drawn, they are reading for meaning. This software provides great motivation to read. In addition to the artistic and reading comprehension aspects of ItzaBitza, it also encourages problem-solving skills. Sketchy will issue simple instructions to your child and then it's up to your child to figure out how to complete the task that Sketchy has set. For example, once your child has drawn a tree for Sketchy, the child will be asked to find ten baby birds. It may take a few tries until your child learns that the baby birds can be created by clicking on the birds flitting around the tree, which causes them to drop eggs that then hatch into baby birds. This can lead to some frustration but it also encourage persistence. When your child is able to figure out how to complete a task, she feels a real sense of accomplishment and victory. More than anything else - ItzaBitza is a really fun game to play.

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Publisher Sabi
Publisher web site
Release Date November 13, 2008
Date Added April 22, 2009
Version 1.0


Category Games
Subcategory Kids Games

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista
Additional Requirements None

Download Information

File Size 77.52MB
File Name ItzaBitzaDemoInstaller.exe


Total Downloads 4,411
Downloads Last Week 6


License Model Free to try
Limitations First playset trial
Price $19.99
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