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Download Now Youre Cooking 2021 full is one of the current search trends. Now Youre Cooking always in the top 10 applications you should have in the year 2021. However, when you search Google Now Youre Cooking in less than 1 second, you have hundreds of thousands of results. So where is the safe download Now Youre Cooking?

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This no-nonsense program's appearance may lack spice, but Now You're Cooking does a decent job of organizing recipes and assisting with meal planning. Its commonplace interface is home to several handy features to manage recipes, menus, and shopping lists. You can add, edit, and e-mail recipes; resize the number of servings; upload images; and import and export recipes in several formats. Nutrition information is included for a host of individual food items and for many recipes. You can add recipe ingredients to a shopping list, but you'll need to create a list first to use this feature. Oddly, while the Menu feature offers two components, Plan and Calendar, both open the same window. Beyond its recipes, the program's most notable feature is a comprehensive glossary of cooking terms. Plus, it has one of the most generous trial periods on the market. This application isn't as fun as its name suggests it might be, but intermediate users and above will appreciate all this meal-planning program offers.Award-winning cyberkitchen companion for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Cuts hours off organizing recipes, meal plans, nutrition analysis, shopping lists, grocery cost management. Recipe search, dupe check, meal plan, import/export, find-replace, manage categories across cookbooks. User-defined categories; auto-categorizing of recipes. Create randomized menus. Toggle US/SI units, fractions/decimal. Multi-file, mixed-format imports of Meal-Master(tm), Mastercook(tm), generic text recipes, or enter your own. Screen Import and Quick Web Recipes for easy importing. Publish cookbooks to recipe web sites or to MS Word. Customizable recipe rating and analysis system. Nutrition analysis, %DV, and diet metrics for recipes and menus using 8789-item USDA SR28 database. Fitness calculator. Shopping lists from meal plans. Multiple menus/shopping lists. Shopping list by aisle; shopping list cost across stores. Quickfill data entry, multi-language spell-checker, recipe images. Backup/restore user files. Web connectivity for recipes, tech support. Email recipes and cookbooks.

Download Now Youre Cooking 2021 full is a good tool and is used by many people. And I have collected some pictures of the software below, hoping to help you get a better overview of the interface, in general it is also very easy to use and friendly.
Below are some recommended configuration images when you install Now Youre Cooking. You can go back to the software vendor's homepage to see more details, if my configuration has an incorrect update, please contact me to update it.

Full Specifications

What's new in version 5.94

Version 5.94 has updated nutrition database to USDA SR28 (8789 items); added option to turn off clutter filter; improved displays for newer monitors; improved clarity of error messages; fixed a couple bugs.


Release March 10, 2016
Date Added March 10, 2016
Version 5.94

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
Additional Requirements None


Total Downloads 30,361
Downloads Last Week 0

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Icon Download Now Youre Cooking 2021 full DOWNLOAD NOW

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